I got really really stuck into creating a custom VMware boot image today, I bought a cheap Adaptec card recently and I want to install VMware vSphere Hypervisor on it, apparently this is the only option.

Cut the long story, the VMware ISO will not detect the card and drives (although it supports and certified by VMware), that is why I need to create a custom boot disc.  Instruction from Adaptec shows that I need to use PowerCLI, some scripts and a bit of time to do that.  I tried and it doesn’t work!!!!!!!

Pick up the phone, call up the Adaptec support, quickly explain the situation and my first response is “Oh no, don’t use that, waste your time and it’s too hard”.  WTH, that’s the instruction “Black/White” written in the installation guide, but the technician tells me wrong….arggggg…..

Anyway, he knows what to do, below is the software and instruction that he highly recommend.


below is the link to the instruction

Creating a VMware 5.5 install CD for Adaptec Series 6-7-8 controllers

I guess it will work with other situations, but this seem to be an easier and promising tool to use.