New gigabit switch not gigabit???

You see, as an IT person, we do learn new things every day.

We recently replaced some old 100Mbps switches to 1000Mbps smart switches, guess what!  it runs slower than before.  We didn’t realize that initially, and then the users can felt a little slower but still acceptable, or sometime it become very slow, but it comes back after a while.  We reported as a fault to the network management company, they reckon both gigabit switches are faulty, they can only ping at 510 bytes but not the normal 1500 bytes to the end device.

I don’t even know you can ping at different rate, so I found out this comment

ping -l [size in bytes] ip

Ping -l 2000 will ping the IP with 2000 bytes

Type ping /? for more options

(note: l = a small L)

if you have a slower network with good equipment, may be you should give this a try.