What is the Primary SMTP email address

Testing a software recently, however still can’t get it up and running properly.  I have been dealing with the support guys but not having much luck, and they keeps on complaining about our Exchange.  He wants me to generate a list of the primary smtp email address for each mailbox user, so I find this post from on Google – http://unlockpowershell.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/powershell-get-mailbox-display-smtp-addresses/.

Thanks Xaegr and Karl’s scriptblock!!  This is only applicable to Exchange 2007 and 2010 powershell.

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited |Select-Object DisplayName,ServerName,PrimarySmtpAddress, @{Name=“EmailAddresses”;Expression={$_.EmailAddresses |Where-Object {$_.PrefixString -ceq “smtp”} | ForEach-Object {$_.SmtpAddress}}} | Export-Csv <csv file> –NoTypeInformation

With the above powershell script, you will be able to extract all Mailbox name, primary server, primary smtp and if any secondary smtp addresses.  Especially with the “Export” at the end to output it into a CSV file, I can read properly with Excel, but don’t forget to change the file name and path before running this script.



Recover single mailbox/file/folder from Exchange 2007

I have been backing up Exchange store many years, but to be honest, I have never ever used it to restore any mailbox or data.  The time finally comes, one of the director has a missing folder in his Exchange mailbox, we looked everywhere but still can’t find it, thus I have no other option but to do a recovery.

Surprisingly, it is not too difficult with the new Exchange console.  I found this article from Petri by Daniel Petri, he did a brilliant job of demonstrating steps.  I want to share with everyone.  By using this method, not only can restore the mailbox, it can also restore specific folder or even specific file or subject line, it’s a very useful and powerful tool.


Just 2 little things I would like to add, you need to make sure that the user mailbox has enough storage to merge/copy the backup, temporary increase it if necessary, and also make sure that you follow the exact steps, don’t skip steps because you are too smart 😛