Outlook 2003 doesn’t show embedded images

If you have user complaints about their Outlook doesn’t show images, but when you checked all the settings are correct, the hack below might be able to help, at least it works for me.

The story is a network user cannot see images down the signature area, other images are fine.  I have checked all the settings, I still couldn’t find any thing that causes this.  Then I came across this on TechNet, it took me to a forum http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=1353596

The idea is to remove a registry key for Outlook security, and this registry is pointing to a temp folder, possibly the temp folder corrupted?!

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Outlook\Security. It contains a key called “OutlookSecureTempFolder “. When I deleted that key, all images began to show.

anyway, it worked for my case, and I hope it will work for you too.   (BTW, don’t forget to export the registry before you make any changes!)


Outgoing SMTP on the go

I have been working with outlook for quite sometime now (well over 10 years actually), I only found out this solution to fix our mobile user problem today.   What they want to do is send/receive email on their laptop while they are on the road, it is now very easy with their USB wifi dongle.  however they can’t send email, the outgoing server didn’t authenticate properly.

I tried with the setting “POP before SMTP”  but very interesting, it still doesn’t want to work.  I ended up finding a simple answer, change the SMTP port from 25 to 587.  Apparently some ISP doesn’t let you route with their port 25, so we can only use port 587, which this port doesn’t have the encryption.  Most importantly it fixed the problem and works for the users.

Cannot open outlook attachment

Today a user reported that she can’t open up an attachment in one of the email, then I went to try a few different things – one typical approach  “REBOOT COMPUTER”.  No!  not this time, it’s still can’t open.  The user is actually saying this is not the first time, the previous times were able to fix by close and open up Outlook, but this time don’t work.

Went on Google search, I found the problem very interesting.  It’s saying about permission problem with the “Temporary Internet Files” folder, and it’s suggesting to do a registry hack.  But this folder is not on network, it’s on local C drive, and this user is in a local administrators group.  Anyway, it doesn’t work!  So before I want to do this hacking, let me go to clean up the “Temporary Internet Files” folder under Internet Options.  Again, it still doesn’t work.

Then I followed the instruction from M$ Support http://support.microsoft.com/kb/305982, rebooted the computer, problem solved.

As you would imagine that local administrators group has full permission, how can it lose its permission to this folder?  To me, it’s a mystery~~

Recover single mailbox/file/folder from Exchange 2007

I have been backing up Exchange store many years, but to be honest, I have never ever used it to restore any mailbox or data.  The time finally comes, one of the director has a missing folder in his Exchange mailbox, we looked everywhere but still can’t find it, thus I have no other option but to do a recovery.

Surprisingly, it is not too difficult with the new Exchange console.  I found this article from Petri by Daniel Petri, he did a brilliant job of demonstrating steps.  I want to share with everyone.  By using this method, not only can restore the mailbox, it can also restore specific folder or even specific file or subject line, it’s a very useful and powerful tool.


Just 2 little things I would like to add, you need to make sure that the user mailbox has enough storage to merge/copy the backup, temporary increase it if necessary, and also make sure that you follow the exact steps, don’t skip steps because you are too smart 😛