Cannot open outlook attachment

Today a user reported that she can’t open up an attachment in one of the email, then I went to try a few different things – one typical approach  “REBOOT COMPUTER”.  No!  not this time, it’s still can’t open.  The user is actually saying this is not the first time, the previous times were able to fix by close and open up Outlook, but this time don’t work.

Went on Google search, I found the problem very interesting.  It’s saying about permission problem with the “Temporary Internet Files” folder, and it’s suggesting to do a registry hack.  But this folder is not on network, it’s on local C drive, and this user is in a local administrators group.  Anyway, it doesn’t work!  So before I want to do this hacking, let me go to clean up the “Temporary Internet Files” folder under Internet Options.  Again, it still doesn’t work.

Then I followed the instruction from M$ Support, rebooted the computer, problem solved.

As you would imagine that local administrators group has full permission, how can it lose its permission to this folder?  To me, it’s a mystery~~