Creating System Image in Windows 8

Remember how you can create a system image in Windows 7, so it can be used to restore your entire system back to normal.  Since Windows 8 has moved things around, this tool is now kind of hidden from us.  Here’s the tip to find it.

Press “Windows+Q”, search for “system image,” no results come up. Search for “backup” and Windows 8 brings you to its new File History feature (which itself is pretty neat for saving copies of your files, “Previous Version” they use to call).

So where is the system image tool?  Search for “file recovery”, You will find the “Windows 7 File Recovery” link under Setting from the right side menu. It’s not a very intuitive name, because it sounds like you’d be recovering Windows 7 files, but that’s where the legacy backup tools are.

From there, you can set up a backup as you might have in Windows 7 and also find the “Create a system image” and “Create a system repair disc” options.

Choose “Create a system image” to clone your entire computer to another drive (or DVDs or a network location). Or, in the previous screen, choose to “Set up backup” and Windows will create both a system image and backup your data on a schedule. That’s the best of both worlds: you’ll have the option to recover individual files and folders (in case they’ve been accidentally deleted or overwritten) or restore the whole system (in case the whole thing crashes).



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