Synology DSM 4.1 released!

Just checked out the new release of the Synology firmware, now it is seriously full of features.  Forget about what addon packages that they have bundle, one of the great feature that they have offered in this release is “many to 1” shared folder sync’ing.  So what it does?!  if you are working for smaller firm with branches, you are going to love this.  Basically it let you sync (or imagine replicate) folders from multiple Synology NAS to the same destination.  So you can install 1 of their box at each of the branch offices, sync it back to what you are, there you have it “centralized backup”.  If it is still not robust enough, get an external HDD, run a schedule backup to it daily, take it home as offsite backup.  The beauty part of this offsite backup is file-based copy backup, you just connect to a computer and you will see all folders and files, no additional software needed.

I love these devices, I personally have 2 at home, great network storage and media centre.

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